I'd like to automate a process, is what I describe Possible?

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Jan 31, 2021

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I have aspirations of owning several YouTube channels. But, just having 1 youtube channel is alot of work that I actually don't mind doing but having dreams to do other niches is the aim here. I don't have the capital to pay a team of people nor on Fiverr. My one niche is Producer and Beat maker (I don't use loops, as this qualifies someone simply as a DJ, not an actual writer or producer). 
Making even one video a day is pretty time-consuming. 

The other niche is other parts of music mainly being posting new mixtapes. This includes either making 1 video per 1 song on mixtapes that usually have at minimum 15 songs. 

My question is, does Premiere Pro have automation that I can use/do per unique mixtape? Because a mixtape can be 15 to 20 to even more songs. I know I can automate the process of downloading the mixtape, extracting the songs, taking the picture of the mixtape cover/cd cover then transfering all files from that rare into Premiere Pro. 

Does anyone have any ideas? I know Win Automation will help me with all of this. And my second question.

Is this against Adobe's rules? I read something about Automating something in Adobe's suite is against the rules, I am confused and wrong here because, I believe you're not allowed to make Adobe software available online through a main frame. Just checking anyways.

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