Imported SRTs--caption blocks misaligned/show time marker where gaps in audio are present (Pr 2021)

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Jul 16, 2021 Jul 16, 2021

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Whenever I import an SRT file (downloaded from services like 3Play and HappyScribe), those portions of the video with silence have the next caption block--reflecting resumption in the dialog--misaligned with the silence instead. All other blocks are perfectly in place


Also, as shown in the screenshot, the timestamp text is part of the caption itself.


This has been a consistent behavior and only happens in Premiere (2020 and 2021) wherever audio gaps occur--no matter the duration of the silence.  Importing the same SRT files into other apps and video platforms works perfectly.  


The good news is that it is editable--realigning the caption block and removing its timestamp text.  But I would certainly like to avoid searching for these hiccups each time I import an SRT.  Does anyone know of a way to prevent this from happening in the first place?  Thanks!

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