Importing XML subtitles to Premiere Pro - Problem when inserting it on the timeline

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Feb 04, 2021

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Hi there,


I am exporting subtitles with EZTitles: Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier - XML file and one TIFF image per subtitle. There's no problem at all when importing that into Premiere Pro, I can see them perfectly. My issue comes when I drag the XML to the timeline. For example, if the first subtitle starts at 00:00:07:22, I need that track to go directly there, but if I place it in 00:00:00:00, then the first subtitle appears on 00:00:00:00. If you double clik in the XML file, you can see that actually the first subtitle is programmed to appear on 00:00:07:22. So, does anyone know how to tell Adobe Premiere pro, "Hey, import this XML in the timeline and make it start automatically right where the first subtitle start TC is (in this case, 00:00:07:22)?"


I know this is a complex question, hope I made myself clear. Please let me know if you need screenshots or something.


Thank you!

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