Is it hard for Adobe to allows us to monitor internal PPro processes in real time?

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Apr 12, 2021 Apr 12, 2021

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I asked years ago for some insight for pre-rendering of audio of a sequence, and Adobe did deliver. You can now expand details to see what audio source is being pre-rendered. That was quite useful to me.


But I'm still experiencing serious lags in my project when trying to edit. Win10 Process Monitor does not let users see what PPro spending time on during any delay.


I'm taking about simply wanting to edit, and PPro pauses as I try to use the GUI. I've learned from experience this is a dangerous moment... keep clicking while it is paused and PPro may crash. I'd very much like to investigate these pauses.


Is it not possible for Adobe to give a real-time monitor on PPro's own internal processes, the way Win10 Process Monitor (or macOS Activity Monitor) gives a system level view?


I'll (again) submit this as a feature request, but before I do I'd like to hear from any programmers as to why this might be impossible or difficult? (I can program, but don't have the background to understand why this would be challenging or not.)


I imagine it would simply be a list of processes that are happening in PPro. I don't expect to know what resources each one occupies. Only WHAT is happening, so I can try correlate pauses and delays with a specific task in the (rapidly changing) list. If a task comes and goes too fast for me to read... then I don't care. I just want to see any tasks that are being shown for multiple seconds at a time. If shorter tasks coming-and-going make the list unreadable, that's fine too... I've record the monitor with my phone, and go through it frame by frame to see what tasks remain during prolonged delays.


I don't think this is anything more than monitoring some sort of debugger output in real time. Surely there's hooks in there which can be turned on? Put PPro in a debugging more and let me monitor those debugging messages.


My project is almost 1GB in size. I'm sure that's WHY... my smaller projects do not delay like my big one. But having tried to split it up into tiny projects, I keep needing to return to the large project because my video assets are big and pieces of each one are needed across the timeline.


PPro 15.0 (this applies to all versions).

Win10 latest build. 64 GB RAM.

SSD C (8TB) (OS and PPro database here) all other media and caches HDD.

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Freeze or hang







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