Is it possible to create a master Adjustment Layer sequence so that changes filter down?

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Mar 10, 2021 Mar 10, 2021

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Here's what I'm trying to do: I'm working on a virtual choir project. I have 40 singer submissions. I have them each in its own sequence, allowing me to nest into layouts as desired. I also have an Adjustment Layer on each one that uses an Edge Feather FX. That's 40 Edge Feather FX's.


I thought if I were to place a single Adjustment Layer into its own sequence, I could then trade the "direct" Adjustment Layer in each of the 40 singer sequences with the master Adjustment Layer sequence - and then I could change the master Adjustment Layer sequence at will and ALL 40 of the linked Adjustment Layer sequences insides the singer sequences would reflect the change.


For example, if I want to change the feather amount from 30 to 60, I want to have a master Adjustment Layer sequence where I can make that change, and all 40 singer sequences that use that master Adjustment Layer sequence would instantly change the feather from 30 to 60.


Logically, this makes sense, since this is similar to any other nesting technique. For example, if I create a blue Matte and place it in its own sequence, and then assign that Matte sequence to other sequences, I can easily change the color of the Matte and then watch all other sequences that use that Matte sequence instantly reflect that change.


However, when I tried doing this with what I would call a "master" Adjustment Layer sequence, the linked Adjustment Layer sequence inside each singer sequence does NOT reflect any changes I make to the master Adjustment Layer sequence. It is as if an Adjustment Layer is ONLY allowable for a single sequence and cannot be nested in this way.


Is there a way to do this? Create a master Adjustment Layer sequence, apply it to other sequences, and have all changes to that master Adjustment Layer sequence filter down to the other sequences? Thanks!

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