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Jun 24, 2021 Jun 24, 2021

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I posted this material inserted below in a recent post. The feedback was very helpful.

This is a different message.

The owner of the video said I should do ‘what is pasted below’ to correct the streaking lines.

I don’t know how to do this. What is the method this fellow is describing? Is there an application?


I am working to determine if it is worth the effort in labor to fix the lines across the subjects face as I have many films with this lining.


In the film what are those horizontal lines? If I Google banding I end up with info on soft streams floating on the screen as banding.. What is the exact term for those horizontal lines. If I Google banding- horizontal lines the results are less than helpful.  I think there is a useful term just need to know the term to do future homework on how to fix the films.Thanks for helping out


The owner of the film stated:

Here is the method for eliminating banding.

 Picture has bands covering 10 scan lines.

If horizontal lines 90 to 100 are disrupted by  bands.

Then the good scan lines 89 and 101 are averaged to replace the 95 scan line.

Then 95 and 101 are averaged to produce a new scan line to replace 98.

Then 95 and 98 are averaged to replace 97.

Then 97 and 95 are averaged to replace 96.

The result is that 4 scan lines 95 to 98 are entirely replaced by new scan lines with no band across.

This same procedure is used to replace the other bands covering the picture.


Please note: This is not a simple repeat of good scans over bad.

But it is a gradual change from one good scan line to the next so the picture is not static.


I hope this is clear. This process can be automated but I do not know if anyone is doing it.

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