Mac OS - PP2021 not shutting down -Force Close - Memory Leak till machine Crashes.

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Mar 25, 2021 Mar 25, 2021

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  • PP 2021 installed in Normal User profile. 
  • PP 2021 Will not close Unless Force Quit
  • However - Monitored memory usage PP2021 just sitting with the initial launch screen, doing nothing else all other programs closed, slowly the memory usage increases over a period of 30 mins and the machine will crash. (monitored in Activity Monitor) Runs out of memory...
  • Can edit while memory leak is happening but will run out of system memory and crash.
  • Installed in a clean user profile, pp 2021 opens and closes correctly and memory usage normal.
  • How do I find what other program is causing the issue?
  • Tried building a new user profile install one program at a time. All worked then randomly fault appears.
  • Same issue on an iMac (i7 32Gb 5K) and a Mac book pro (i7 16Gb).
  • Have noticed this since about Version 14.8
  • Will the crash logs show what's causing the problem.
  • Any advice welcome, have talked initially to support. Reset preferences, remove plugins. new user profile.
  • Need access to other programs in the user profile for client workflow. So working in clean profile not Ideal
Crash, Freeze or hang








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