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Feb 21, 2021

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Okay so here's what keeps happening.... I import a file into Premiere Pro and edit it, export it to Media Encoder and save it as an MP4 file because apparently I can't upload it anywhere as a PRPROJ file (not to YouTube, not online to sites I'm on, nothing). So say I decide that I want to tweak something in the video a day or so later, and mind you I haven't deleted anything, opened that file since it was saved, etc, when I try to open the file in premiere pro, all I get is the media pending screen and a pop up error message that states that there's missing media files. How in the actual f*** is that possible and why does this keep happening? Now I check my recycling bin and sometimes there's files there (that I never deleted so I have no clue how they got there in the first place) and sometimes there's not. In the instance that there are files there, I go ahead and restore them, and sometimes I can now play the video, but then sometimes I still can't and get the same error message about missing media. 


I'm sick of this crap. I just want to know why this keeps happening and what I can do to put anend to it. Don't get me wrong, I love Premiere Pro, it's a great program for editing and I personally feel that Rush is too limited so I definitely would prefer to use Pro, but if I can't upload the videos I'm spending hours editing, why the hell would I want to continue paying for this program?


If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, solutions to this problem, please help! I'm at my witts end with this and all I want to do is edit and upload in peace. Thanks in advance!

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