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Mar 02, 2021 Mar 02, 2021

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This is my first time trying to use captions in PPro, rather than just making a bunch of text pieces the old fashioned way. I'm not importing them from some techy format - friends are helping me translate a 45-minute Japanese panel discussion into English, and they are just sending me text of varying lengths with some rough times to help me know where it goes. I want the subtitles burned into the video, so from what I have read, it seems that "Open Caption" is the "standard" I should use.


I created a layout to make the panelists look nice, and I left space all the way across the bottom for the captions. But apparently PPro won't use the whole frame - I guess it thinks I'll be showing it on an old-fashioned CRT television or something. I slid the whole caption frame down to eliminate the bottom margin, but what do I do about the left and right? The following image shows a sentence that would fit on the screen if I could use the whole width, but it won't go over to the left. And it's supposedly centered, but excess text just runs off the right side.

CRASH 3.11 Panel Discussion.00_15_45_27.Still003.jpg

I assume that if I scale the entire caption frame to, say, 120%, it will be a little blurry, right? Is there any way to tell PPro that I don't want a title-safe margin (or reduce the amount to something small like 2%)?


And a second question: Is there a setting somewhere to let longer texts wrap rather than running off the right side? Sure, I can add line feeds manually, but it would be nice if I didn't need to.

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