Opening Project After B-Roll Audio Files are Deleted

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Apr 22, 2021 Apr 22, 2021

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Hi. I am hoping somebody can help.


My current workflow is to compress my B-Roll videos once the project has been delivered and transfer them to save on my NAS. During this step (using Handbrake), I remove the audio track so that I can share the B-roll with clients without them listening to the unrelated audio I incidentally capture whilst shooting the B-Roll. The B-roll video now has no audio track whatsoever, but that should not be an issue as I always delete the audio track in the timeline when B-roll is added.


When I try to re-open the porject in Premiere, it asks me to relocate the files. This is OK except when I try to locate the B-roll files now without any audio stream. I get an error saying that the files cannot be added because they do not have any audio. "The selected file cannot be linked because its type (video) does not match the original file's type (audio and video)"


Why is this? I have purposely deleted the audio track from the file and within Premiere, so why can I not add B-roll videos when the audio holds no relevance in the timeline?


This is a serious issue for me as I either cannot re-open my archived Premiere projects with archived B-roll. Or I cannot share the B-roll with clients because it will retain (potentially private) audio in the background. 



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