PP15 - Audio laggy and out of sync on export

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Mar 17, 2021 Mar 17, 2021

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My computer upgraded to PP15 (it won't do that again!)


Before the install i had a version of a video in draft that i'd exported. I've now come to export the final version and the audio becomes laggy and out of sync to the end of the video. I notice it becuase the video is of someone playing the piano. I've checked the settings and nothing has changed. I've written it a few times and its the same issue. I match source settings in a H264 format. I now need to uninstall and revert to an old version and make the changes to my project again from a previous file version!


Other annoyances i noticed was all my export presets were no longer listed so i had to go and find them, and all my meta data presets for export have vanished and god only knows how to find them?  Not cool.


Anyone else?

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