Premier Pro file magically disappeared

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Sep 07, 2020

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I just started working on this program a few months ago and not very regularly. Very obviously new at it and the way it works. However I'm not new to Adobe products at all and am proficient in Photoshop, Lightroom etc. Pretty much all other Adobe programs I've worked on have similarites you can count on.


However this damn program seems to have been made by people who have never used another adobe product or maybe just wanted to screw with everyone for fun? I'm a bit frustrated because for a few days I worked on a file that I'm almost positive I know what I named. Yes I have a bad memory so I"m not 100% but pretty damm close. Anyway the issue is that two days ago I updated and when i opened the program to continue to work I noticed there was a new tutorial. Being new I figured I might as well do all the tutorials I can and get comfortable with this new program.


Today i finally finished it since i kept stopping to do other things. When I went to keep working on my original project it was nowhere to be found. It wasnt in the "recently opened" it wasnt in the Premier folder where it saves all the temporary files or in the autosave folder. I searched my computer for .prproj and it brought up all files except that one! Since the tutorial has a bunch of different sections and it asks to save after every since section my computer is full of these stupid tutorial saved files, literally like 20 per tutorial. I opened every one of each group since it saves a buch from the same group. I also opened all my old files and NOTHING, none of them have anything to do with that project i was working on. 


I searched online to see if theres any similar issues others have had and i found some thata are kind of similar but they all said to do what I already did.


I'ts astounding that a program which can be so time consuming has such a weird quirk when it comes to saving. Ive never seen anything like this before in any Adobe program, 3D program or anything else. I have literally never just lost a file like this with no explanation. Another weird one I came across was when I used command+w to close the project and it ended up closing the timeline i was working on which made me freak out and had to look up what on earth happened. That one got figured out but again, its odd that the saving and closing of things which can affect the saved status is so odd in this program. 


Sorry for the rant but again in all my years of dealing with Adobe programs and other creative programs I've never come across such an odd thing.


If anyone has any other ideas on how I might find this file I'd be happy to hear it but otherwise I'm calling Premier Pro the worst program I've worked on. 



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