Premiere and Media Encoder Crashes upon exporting

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Feb 03, 2021

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Hi, guys!


I've recently opened several premiere projects wich I've never had any problems with. Last time I've opened them and exported with no troubles at all was like two weeks ago.


But yesterday and today I've dealt with multiple exportation problems.

Some of the issues I've managed to workaround, importing the previous "final version_122.mp4" and place it in the timeline above, and only cutting the clip when changes happened.

But now I'm im a project in wich I can't do that.


And Premiere crashes every single time in the same percentage of exporting. And also does Media Encoder. I've narrowed down the problematic part and it is a .jpeg file. I've save the file again, in photoshop, with minor changes but nothing seems to work. I've unistalled media encoder and premiere and reinstalled. Nothing. I've cleaned media cache files from disk and reset preferences.


It crashes every single time. But not only crashes but the OS also crashes. Everything freezes and you can hear HDD being constantly read. This went on for hours, with the computer shutting down.


It is very weird. I don't understand. Specially being Premiere projects wich I've used and exported videos several times beforer with zero stresses.


Any thoughts?


I'm using Windows 10 Pro

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor

16 GB memory

Both Premiere and Media Encoder versions are 14.8


Thank you,



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