Premiere not blending stacked clips with transparent colors correctly

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Apr 07, 2021 Apr 07, 2021

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I have been experiencing a strange issue in Premiere Pro, my company works with psd's a lot to create videos, and we often want to import the psds as individually stacked layers as opposed to one merged file. However, while Premiere imports psd files with all the layers merged correctly, when we try to import the psds as a sequence of all individual layers stacked on top of each other, or even pngs of the individual layers stacked on top of each other, the colors don't match. It's a subtle difference which seems to be skewed on any color with transparency.


I discovered a workaround, but I am not sure why it works, and was hoping someone could help me identify the root problem since that would help my company keep our video color output consistently matching the psds we are working with. The workaround we use now is to go to sequence settings, then switch the 'working color space' from rec. 709 to either of the other options, and then hit OK. It asks us if we are OK to delete preview files, and we say yes. Then we go back into sequence settings, and switch the color space back to rec. 709, and the colors will now match correctly in the premiere playback and in the exports.


Interestingly, when we change the playback renderer to Mercury software only in project settings, that makes it so all the colors match within premiere playback, but then the colors get skewed again in the exports.


The best way I have found to see this problem is by importing one of our psds as a sequence into premiere, and then importing the same psd as one merged file, and placing them next to each other on the timeline. When you move the cursor over the sequence with individual layer stacks, vs. the merged file, you will see the color difference.


I don't think this is an issue stemming from photoshop, since After Effects seems to import psd layers correctly, and the problem persists in Premiere with png imports as well as psd imports.


See attached a psd file as an example where this problem is clear. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.




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