Premiere Pro 14.3.2 AAF export for Pro Tools Sound Mix -- crossfades randomly missing

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Sep 13, 2020

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I'm having an AAF export issue that is intermittent (thus driving me insane). This is for exporting a podcast series that I edit in premiere (because, well, I'm very used to editing in there). Many times, the AAF exports to the sound house are just great. But sometimes, like today, whole sections have no crossfades at all.


Now I am editing very meticulously, and using dialogue editing style where I'm using roomtone to cleanup fronts of words when doing surgery etc.. And do some editing down to the sample level. I don't need ANYTHING other than my 4 frame cross fades and audio files to get to my sound mix, but when the crossfades are gone, it is really hard for him to reconstruct what was there, especially because they vanish somewhat randomly. 

I don't have any merge files or any complex media assets in here. Any hints for how I can restore sanity I'm 11 episodes into a series, with another 9 racing towards me, and want a stable workflow other than me buying and editing in pro tools. 😉

Thanks for any help or advice! 








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