Premiere Pro 14.9 crash on queue to ME

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Apr 23, 2021 Apr 23, 2021

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Hello all,


I've got a few systems running 14.9 that will crash when queueing to media encoder and I've tried everything I can think of. 


System specs:

OS: 10.14.5 (Mojave)
Mac Pro 2013
2.7GHz 12 core Intel Xeon E5
64GB ram
AMD Firepro D700 6GB
Ive tried the following fixes:
  • a good old restart
  • used the pref manager to reset pref for Premiere and Media encoder
  • reset plugin cache
  • cleared the cache
  • Created a fresh project and imported the old project in
  • Created a fresh sequence and copied the media to it
  • Reinstalled Premiere and Media Encoder
  • Gave the system a PRAM wipe


 I duplicated the project and used the same user created export preset for testing purposes.


Queued the SEQ in question: CRASH
Created a new SEQ in the same PRJ and queued bars and tone: SUCCESSFUL QUEUE
Created a new SEQ in the same PRJ, copied media from SEQ in question into new SEQ, and queued: CRASH
Queued the SEQ in question but reset the in/out to a front graphic only: CRASH
Created a new PRJ and new SEQ and queued bars and tone: SUCCESSFUL QUEUE
Imported the SEQ in question into the new PRJ: IMPORT FAILURE
Premiere remained responsive while media encoder launched but threw an error once encoder was ready to load the premiere project. The icing on the cake? This same PRJ/SEQ will queue successfully on a different, identically spec'd system, and the new M1 mini. At this point we are considering the nuclear option of wipe and rebuild. Open to any and all alternatives. Thoughts?
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