Premiere Pro 2021 Bugs Unacceptable

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Apr 30, 2021 Apr 30, 2021

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I am at a loss. There are some critical bugs with the most recent Premier Pro. Maybe it's my system? Maybe there's some box I need to check? I don't know, but these bugs are quickly turning this into something I can't work with anymore. There are a bunch but the most frustrating/recurring are:

1. The timeline will randomly decide I can no longer select anything in it and need to select some other panel then reselect the timeline to continue working. (not a dealbreaker but profoundly annoying)

2. The timline with randomly decide it doesn't want me to see the shadow version of a clip in it's new location when I want to drag it around so I'm dragging blind. (again not a dealbreaker becuase I know there are workarounds but frustrating)

3. I just can't access the bezier handles for the temporal and spatial interpolation in the drop down arrow in the effects panel. I can Ease In and Ease Out etc. but any custom animation using the handles is lost to me because the the drop down arrow doesn't react to my click anymore.


What can I do?

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