Premiere Pro 2021 deleted 2,000 video files

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Mar 28, 2021 Mar 28, 2021

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Premiere Pro 2021 is a ticking time bomb. I'm very experienced with the app and use a simple technique for deleting files and removing them from the hard drive, but this time, it blew up.

I had a short timeline with  20 video clips that were dupes I wanted to delete and remove from the drive. Easy, select all clips in that one timeline, make offline, remove from disk, done. Has worked dozens of times in previous versions of PP, but not today.

This time PP decided to remove nearly ALL video clips from the ENTIRE project, which were such a large total they didn't even stop in the recycle bin, but completely disappeared.  That was over 2,000 video clips gone, permanently

Fortunately I'm a smart guy with multiple backups on several external drives. Now I'm copying those thousands of files back into the project drive, which is taking several hours.

Not to mention all the work done deleting dupes out of the current project, now they're all coming back in for me to waste more hours.

Needless to say I'm leaving the PP 2021 and heading back to 2020.

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