Premiere Pro Multichannel audio splits L+R instead of mono

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Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 2018

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I need to export quicktime with multichannel stereo audio:

Stereo track 1 -> ch 1-2 (L/R)

Stereo track 2 -> ch3-4 (L/R)

Once I set up a new multichannel sequence, I successfully assign my audio tracks to the desired outputs.

I can see the 4 audio meters correctly responding to the unique stereo information on each output (L1 on 1, R1 on 2, L2 on 3, R2 on 4).

When I export, I successfully get 4 audio tracks.

However, rather than the 4 unique stereo tracks that were being reflected in the meters, (L1 on 1, R1 on 2, L2 on 3, R2 on 4), I am left with duplicate mono tracks on every pair (L1 mono on 1, L1 mono on 2, L2 mono on 3, R2 mono on 4).

How can I get those final outputs to reflect the stereo channels reflected correctly in my sequence, rather than switching to duplicate mono channels?

I'm on the most up to date Premiere Pro and MacOSX.








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