Premiere Pro taking up tons of space

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Mar 18, 2021 Mar 18, 2021

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I'm editing a music video with 4K clips and VHS clips. For some reason, when I have the project open, I lose all of the space on my computer and i'm told via a notification that pops up that my system has run out of application memory. Once I close Premiere, the 30-40gb of space that I have left on my Mac laptop opens back up. I've done everything to speed up my workflow so that Premiere doesn't crash. I've cleared media cache, i've turned on proxies, lowered the playback resolution of the clips as much as possible etc. I don't understand how Premiere can take up tons of space like that while running especially considering that I JUST downloaded this application and this is the very first project that i'm editing on it AND it isn't even a big one. I surely have to be doing something wrong as I have never encountered this problem before. I'm running version 15.0.0 and I have absolutely no idea what could be going on. I've searched the internet and have found situations where people have faced the same problem, but with no solutions. Can someone please help? I have a deadline for this project and have no idea what to do!

Error or problem, Freeze or hang, Hardware or GPU








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