Premiere Productions creates duplicate source projects for media when matching back.0

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May 21, 2021 May 21, 2021

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Prem 15.1.0 / Big Sur


Two editors using productions, when one machine matches back to project it recreates the source project to the location it was originally stored. 


eg. Project "Day 21 Rushes" was in a Folder called "01. Camera Rushes" after a while it was sorted in to a folder called "Day 20-30 Rushes" within "01. Camera Rushes".


When media from that project is matched back to from a timeline in a different project it recreates a duplicate project called "Day 21 Rushes" in "01 Camera Rushes", but a file with the same name is still in "Day 20-30 Rushes". 


This is going to become very messy very quickly and I'll keep having to chase this to clear it up. Is there a solution or update I should consider? 


Thanks for anyone's insights if they have expirence with this kind of problem in Productions!

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