Premiere Proxy Workflow will not reconnect

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Feb 08, 2021

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I am editing a documentary that requires proxy encoding of the 4K footage files (FS7, A7iii, Osmo, and downloaded mp4). I used the premiere proxy process, selecting the low resolution prores preset. When editing off of my RAID, there is no issues. All media and proxies load up quickly. 


However, when I try to setup a hard drive for another editor, about one third of my proxies will no reconnect. On this separate hard drive, I only have the audio files and the proxy files, using the same file structure as the RAID. However, when I open the proxy, I have to relink to the proxy files - which most of them do. However, some of the Osmo (.mov original media), A7iii (mp4. original media) and the downloaded clips (mp4. original media) cannot relink. I am hit with the message:


"Cannot Link Media - The selected file cannot be linked because its type (audio) does not match the original files type (audio and video)"


I tried this on two different apple computers (2013 Mac Pro, 2019 Macbook pro) using the same premiere pro (14.7).


I literally used premiere's proxy process for all the clips and now a third of my footage will not relink. I tried the following:

1.) modyifing the audio channels to "use clip" - nothing

2.) switched computers - nothing

3.) cleared media cache - nothing


What gives? Any solutions are more than welcome. The only thing that works is re-attaching proxies within premiere. Very tedious. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far, I have to relink everytime I open the project! This cannot happen much longer. 


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