Problem with Adobe Premiere on new Mac ... again.

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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Hey everyone, wondering if anyone can help. 

I have a relatively new Macbook Pro that I added things to when I purchased given the work I do, here are the specs: 

16-inch, 2019

2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9

64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB


I do a lot of video and audio editing. These days I'm working on a lot of virtual music ensemble videos, which means compiling and editing together up to 80 videos (usually low-quality phone videos). I've been struggling since I got this computer with Adobe being able to handle this, and given the power of this computer and the fact that all of the files are really low quality and there's no major effects being added onto anything, I'm truly at a loss. I'm working with a lot of nests, but I disable any nest that I'm not using in the timeline.  Currently I'm working on a video and I literally cannot see what I'm editing because it just won't playback, the lag is insane and it takes ages to render even the smallest sequence in/out. Half the time, the apps (like Premiere and Audition) are constantly crashing, early on in the life of the computer the apps would literally crash the whole machine. I'm a total loss. I've set all of my preferences to optimize performance playback, including allocating all possible RAM, deleting cache, etc., I've updated all of my Adobe apps and my computer, I make sure to convert all of the individual files to the same and constant frame rate, etc, etc. I'm also using a fast SSD hard drive, rather than editing directly to my computer. Sometimes I use proxies, it doesn't seem to help. I just don't understand how a computer that was this expensive and that is supposed to work well with Adobe just doesn't work. The computer is always getting super hot and the fan is incredibly loud. I know it just means the computer is working hard but it seems a bit extreme (and I do have the laptop elevated). These days the machine is even lagging when I'm not editing videos like this, although it generally works better with videos that have less layers.


I don't want to abandon Adobe because I use the other apps for design, and it's frustating to have to pay for Final Cut when I'm already paying for Adobe. This has been an issue since I got this computer. I've reinstalled the operating system, Apple did a diagnostic test and said nothing was wrong, I've talked to Adobe and they couldn't help. It doesn't make sense. Any help is appreciated, I'm really frustrated and I'm not sure if it's Mac, Adobe, both? 



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