Problem with Cross Dissolve, ultra key and masked area

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Mar 10, 2021 Mar 10, 2021

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Hello -


Quick Description of problem:

I'm having an issue with a cross dissolve exposing my masked area that was used in my green screen and ultra-key.



I have on one layer my subject, who was recorded on a green screen.

I used the pen tool under Opacity to create a tighter mask around my subject.

I then used Ultra Key to get rid of the green screen and apply a background layer of a  red drape.


The timing of the project is that I have a movie of a curtain that comes down first (on layer v2), and then about 10 seconds in, on layer v3, I have a cross dissolve that starts off that layer which leads into the exposure of my subject, which was green screened.


During the cross dissolve, the masked area is exposed and then my subject comes into the frame normally.  It's that masked area that's the issue.

I have created a new project, and imported the assets into that with no effect.

I have played with the Ultra Key masking tools... with no effect.


I am including a link, which I hope works properly...  it's a very short clip, so watch carefully. but you will see the problem at the 4.5 - 5 second mark.  When the cross dissolve begins, you can see the mask around it.


Any and all help is appreciated.





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