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Jul 14, 2021 Jul 14, 2021

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Hello there, I have beem working in multiple sequences so I could test out new versions, but during the day something happened and my audiotracks started getting locked on to wrong time lines without being then able to be moved around. Basically, when I try to copy and paste a clip from an older version of a sequence to a new one, but it will not paste the way it was copied (even though the track set up is exactly the same). Instead the sound clips scatters all over. I have recordings with three sources of audio per clip and now they dont sit together one beneath the other, aslo I am adding things from movies which have different formats but it was not a problem before. I'm not sure if it all started happening after I started exporting/opening recorded voice from audition directly into premiere,,? I have tried deleting and adding new tracks to see if that would help but nothing. Also I have gone back to older sequences which worked fine before to see if I could work in them intead, but the problem has now been transmitted back to them as well! I have come to a point where new edits are usless to make since I just feel like Im ending up creating a bigger and bigger problem.. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

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