Program & Source Monitor failing to Play Video Premiere 15.2

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May 11, 2021 May 11, 2021

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Just wanted to open a second thread.  The screen tearing issue can be worked around by turning off vsync in Nvidia control panel.


However, the program and source monitors failing to play video persists.  The happens at a seemly random time, in my last event I got a cup of coffee, came back and the window will no longer allow you to play video.


Important observations:

- The system doesn't lock up.

- You can scrub the play head and it refreshes the program or source window correctly.

- If program windows doesn't play video, the source still works properly and vise-versa.

- Once the window stops responding to the play button, jumping frames with the play head flashes some other frame (greenish) between updating to the new proper frame you park the play head at.


VERY interesting observations:

- once you fiddle with it while its not allowing play to work; there is limited evidence that shows switching to another program and back may remove the fault and it will respond proper to the play head.

- I have not been able to confirm (yet) if switching to another program and back resolves the play button issue or if simply letting some time pass allows the condition to 'reset' to normal.  

- In late night testing last night, it appeared that time was all that was required to have it reset, but I can not commit to that statement fully yet.


This is a VERY work flow disturbing condition right now, I would consider carefully if you can live with with the condition in this state or without the update.


I don't have any active projects I need to do right now, start some late this week.  I might revert back to 15.1 to see if it returns the play button back to normal, or I may just speed hundreds of hours chasing the exact nature of the conditions to create and restore function.


If anyone that ran the beta has seen this before, love to hear from you.  I have not looked at the beta forums yet with any real care, but I do read those posts every few days and had not seen anything like this reported.

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