Renaming source files - What is the easiest way?

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Apr 22, 2021 Apr 22, 2021

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Quick backstory: Back at the end of 2019, two videographers from my office went to the country of Benin in Africa to capture some footage for a project we are doing and came back with multiple hours worth of footage. I took that footage and edited together a Selects/Best of sequence picking out the best shots from all that they captured for easier editing in thee future. I made the mistake when editing of just using all the clips with their original file names straight out of camera. In an attempt to be more organized, we are trying to rename all our International footage with a set naming convention, EG: Benin_0001.MP4, Ethiopia_4132.mp4, etc.


My question is, since these have already been edited in a Premiere Pro timeline, what would be the easiest way to rename these files without breaking all my links in Premiere and then having to find which clips go where all over again? 


I found this old post on a similar topic: which suggested doing a batch rename in Bridge and checking the box to “Preserve current filename in XMP metadata”, but this did not seem to work. I can only relink one file at a time using this method.

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