Reoccurring Export Glitches PLEASE HELP

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Apr 22, 2021 Apr 22, 2021

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So I've been having this problem on Adobe Premiere for the past 2 months and nothing I have done will fix it. Not sure if this is Adobe or maybe a hardware problem on my machine but it is rapidly destroying my workflow. These examples are all from the same project but TRUST ME, it happens with nearly every project I work on. The clips will begin flickering and glitching while in the Premiere timeline, I'll render the timeline and it will fix it in Premiere (most of the time) but when I export I have a 9 out of 10 chance I will have at least 1-2 frames of corruption. This started when I updated to 2021 and, as usual that was a mistake, I have since gone back to Premiere 2020 and the issue has lessoned but it is still there. I've tried to see if it was maybe the footage format, that is not the case. I have used many different kinds of footage on many different sized projects and still had the same issue. Even footage that was unproblematic before is now glitching if I reopen an old project. The only consistency I have been able to notice is that this is MUCH more likely to happen if I use any of the Adobe Premiere default transitions or specifically the "Crop" effect on my videos but they will still have this issue regardless. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so know the cause or solution??1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg

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