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Dec 25, 2020 Dec 25, 2020

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I am working to synchronize the audio of a movie for the first time. I was given a rough cut which is made of very small clips after another, sometimes from a single video file but with a lot of cuts and separations. In this case I am wondering: which is the fastest way to synchronize the audio file related to this single video file, but putting it correctly under every small cut of this video file in the timeline?

What I thought is to go to the original video file in the project bay, merge it with the audio, and then substitute all the small cuts with this merged file (by doing alt+drag towards all the cuts). However when I do this, strange things happen, for example the merged video is starting in a different place than the original in the cut, or there is even no video at all, or the audio below it is the full file and not only the small corresponding section that I needed. This may be because the audio and video were recorded separately so they may have different starting and ending points. And also, if I open the merged video in a new sequence, I see that the audio is the whole file, but the video is just a very small portion of the original file and all the rest is empty.

I am probably doing some basic mistakes because I am a beginner, but I am wondering: is there a way to merge a video file to an audio and then to replace it correctly to all the small cuts of the same video file in the timeline, without having strange issues?

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