SlowMo Footage plays back at normal speed, last frame freezes, audio slowmo works

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Apr 14, 2021 Apr 14, 2021

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So, I had this issue yesterday in a different project and today I got it again. I shot my clips in 60p (yesterday) or 120p (today). Imported them as usual, created proxies and since I wanted the footage in SlowMo, I interpreted the footage as 23.976p. I think that's the way to go and that's how I did it for a long time now and how x different videos on youtube show it as well.
However, when I'm dragging it into the timeline, the length is increasing as expected, the sound is slowing down, but the video playback itself stays at normal speed. When it reaches the last frame, it freezes on the last frame for the rest of the clips duration.
Premiere Pro CC is on it's latest version and I also reinstalled it once. Any advice?
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