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Dec 04, 2020

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Hello just bought a new mac mini with the required spec for Premiere pro.

I'm working on a project about 60 minutes using 7 cameras.


All my material is recorded in 1080 60i AVCHD. 

I am using the YOUTUBE HD preset for encoding, but it has failed me many times.


There are various audio issues after encode.

The main one is the audio sync error is way off, another is the audio keeps switching back and forth from channel 1 and 2. and sometimes there is a major breakup in the audio as well as muting in certain clips.


I'm not sure the relationship between the errors  but the PP misreads the clips on the timeline playing unrelated files.


Cleaning up the cache has helped a several times, but it keeps reoccuring.

Could this be a encoding preset problem? 

I have read on internet that VFR causes these kind of problems.

The youtube preset uses VFR as default would changing to CFR make a difference?

By the way I believe all my files are recorded as CFR since all the cameras are camcorders. 

I would be greatful for any sort of advice anyone can give me.


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