Time remapping and replace with AE composition problem with time matching

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Dec 13, 2020 Dec 13, 2020

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Adobe, please fix this annoying problem that is going for a long time from one verstion to another.

For example, I'm making time remapping in Premiere clip. Then I want to add more complicated effects and do replace with AE comptosition command. Ok, now I have this clip in AE with time remapping there. But if I compare original frames in Premiere with what I have in AE, then I see some time shift. It's a small shift, may be just 1-2-3 frames but I see this problem for many times. Some clips with fast motion need to be very accurate, so I just can't say "no problem" to this small shift. So I have to go to AE and then carefully try to find what I need to change in time remapping there to get look like it was in Premiere.

Replace with AE composition is a very good tool, but I just can't trust it. In some cases (like this) it just  changing the look of my clip.

P.S. Also similar problem with optical flow interpolation. If I make replace with AE composition then this effect is just turning off. And in AE I manually have to make similar settings again. I can't belive that this can't be solved for so long time.

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