timeline can not playback smoothly if clips use lumetri effects.

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Sep 06, 2020 Sep 06, 2020

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Hello everyone. I have some projects that I've been working on the last month. Everything worked fine but the last 2 weeks on every project even new ones timeline can not playback smoothly if clips use lumetri effects. Even if I make a few adjustments like contrast or exposure  or just put a LUT everything goes choppy. 

The performance looks idle (when videos are playing). cpu 50-55% RAM 50% SSD 25%-45% GPU 8%-10%. 

I reset everything on premiere Removed all my cache, effects etc. 

I have the latest updates on everything (gpu, creative cloud apps, windows etc)

I think that the last change I've made before the issue appears was updating my Nvidia drivers. So I reinstalled them, I did a clean install and again nothing fixed. 

I use Premiere Pro 14.3.2 on Windows 10 64bit 

CPU intel 8700k 

GPU gtx1080

Ram 32gb

1 M.2 ssd for apps and SSD for video files projects etc


I think that I can’t handle Premiere anymore. Has tons of performance issues but right now I’m just asking to solve this lumetri issue. 

Some of other problems that I’m facing of everyday are:

- Lumetri scopes doesn't work always or on every video clip.

- Audio volume changes when i expand an audio channel without changing volume keyframe settings.

- Unable to use Keyframes on a video channel. Shows clip keyframes and then can’t put any keyframe on this! 

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