understanding music lingo (bars and beats) in order to precisely match musical passages ?

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Dec 15, 2020 Dec 15, 2020

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anyone out there using Premier Pro know how to do this? if so you are hired - I have several pop instrumentals and want visuals to go with the music - much like a dance group moving in perfect precision with arms legs fingers whatever to secctions of music -- and of course against a background matching the bpm -- say at the beginng of every 4th bar the entire background color changes --


As the composer I do not know backgrounds or shapes but if you are a member of stock footage links I can give suggestions but the real assistance I can provide is additional to the master 2 tk of the mixed music - I can provide the separate music tracks that I would want precise triggering from - I could also use music lingo like match this part that goes from Bar 10 beat 2 to BAr 11 beat 3 - which would have a timeline number for reference only (because it will be in sub seconds and NOT exact) and then of course once the sync trigger has been written or coded then that individual separate track MUST BE MUTED because it is already mixed in with the 2tk -- is this making any sense to anyone?








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