Why key frame masking changes afterwards??

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Mar 27, 2021 Mar 27, 2021

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Hello community,

I´ve been doing masking path (for a 1 min. long clip) for lumetri correction. I´ve used adjustment layers, one for sky and one for water, since they are way too bright. I´ve got a very frustrating problem with the other adjustment layer´s masking. The masking won´t stay as I´ve created it (I save all the time). When I go back to check the masking path I´ve created, it´s all messed up, key frame by key frame. Not entirely, on some key frames masking is off just a little here and there, but mostly they are complitely a mess. There are masking points I haven´t even created. I´ve redone the masking path over and over again, and now I´m desperate. I don´t even know, when this happens. If I go back a few key frames to check out, they seem to be fine. But after longer while as I check them out, they are all a mess. I´ve had some errors occuring (red box flashes). It usually flashes so quickly I can´t read it entirely. It has said something about masking effect with a number on it (15 and 12 has appeared I guess). This is my first time making a masking path, so I have no previous experience of the process. I´d really appreciate for any advice how to correct the problem. Masking has been so big undertaking, I really wouldn´t want to start it all over again. Thank you everyone.  

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