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Mar 22, 2021 Mar 22, 2021

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So... I've been shooting with a Canon C300 mark 2 for years and editing in Premiere without issue. Premiere 2020 seems to take eons longer to render anything but aside from that it's been ok but here's my conundrum: I recently started shooting projects with the mark 3 version of the C300. Most projects I shoot are in Clog2 but for run and gun or youtube stuff that I don't have time or energy to grade, I created an in-camera profile that looks great straight out of camera with no grading necessary EXCEPT when I dump into the timeline and it automatically adds a REC709 "working color space" which renders all of my skin tones pink and unusable. In the preview window the footage looks gorgeous but in the timeline it's a disaster. I'm not sure if this is a premiere issue or a camera issue. Any insight is much appreciated. 

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