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Apr 16, 2021 Apr 16, 2021

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I tried editing a clip in After Effects and once I complete the edit in AE and come back to PP it won't show the edit. When I try to render the workspace previews, keeping in mind this is a 5 second clip, it sits there for HOURS and never renders a single frame. I've tried with multiple clips and get the same result every time. The computer Im using is quite beefy and I don't understand why it can't do a simple thing like render a preview for a composition from AE. This seems like it should be trivial but PP can't seem to handle this. I've even followed tutorials on YouTube and can't get this to work, even on 3 different computers. (the least of which has 32 GB of RAM and an Intel I9 CPU). Is there some trick to get PP to actually do the things that are advertised it can do?

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