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Adobe Premiere Rush Sucks

New Here ,
Feb 25, 2023 Feb 25, 2023

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After spending 2 hours editing a video with Adobe audio clips, uploading to YouTube, then previewing, I discover that Rush has decided to just say f*** all my audio settings and made their own. At some points, the audio is so loud, I am drowned out by the songs I chose. Keep in mind, Audio volume is set at 35%, auto duck, and my voiceover is at roughly 46%. Autoduck pushes background music volume levels to just 5%.

Well, if only the two hours invested in this video weren't all for nought. After previewing at YouTube I discovered that Rush just decided to adjust the audio to its own liking, literally wasting my afternoon and blowing out my video premiere.

Thank you so much, Adobe, for once again wasting my time since you fail to actually provide tangilbe updates to your Rush application. I was wondering where I could send the bill for my time wasted. Were into multiple weeks at this point with how much of my time you have wasted in the past as well as today.

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