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More than two years and we still do not have fundamental things.

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Jan 27, 2022 Jan 27, 2022

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1) When will it be possible to select multiple files during import?

I'm not asking for anything unusual. 99.9% of the programs allow to mark a file and then the last one with the shift key and to select all the intermediate ones.


2) Specifying the duration of the still image

Is it so difficult in preferences to activate the option of how long a still image will last in the timeline as in Premiere?


3) Adjust the images to fit the screen in one click.

Have the program developers tried importing 100 photos and adjusting them on screen? Hey, you already have this function for individual photos ... Is it so difficult that we can select the ones we want on the timeline and have them fit with a click?


4) This is no longer basic ... but Adobe Clip did it excellently and it wouldn't be bad if you added a similar function.

Synchronization of still images with music by detecting sound beats.


Personally I think that trying to deviate from a standard user interface only makes it more difficult to use.


I think that the developers are more interested in the external appearance than in the usefulness of the program.

Since the first version came out, I have been trying it in every update ... and after 15 minutes I have to abandon the program out of desperation and not useful.

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