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Newbie needs help adding score to tennis match

Community Beginner ,
Jan 21, 2021 Jan 21, 2021

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Hi, everyone -

I have a video of a tennis match. I've cut out all the boring parts and put in transitions. So far, so good. What I would really like to do now is add a simple score before each point, like "15-15" or "Ad Out," and so on. This graphic would ideally be small, and in the lower left-hand corner right when the ball is being served. It would go away after 1-2 seconds. Is my best bet to just use one of the stock graphics (like a short title) and just use that? That can work, but it seems like a painstaking process of doing this each time because of adding the text/numbers each time. Is it possible to just have stock images of every possible score combination and just add the right image to the same place each time? I am looking for the most efficient way to get this done given that there are a lot of points. I guess it could also work where the score permanently resides somewhere, sort of like what you'd see in a basketball game. I appreciate any thought here. Thank you!

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