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Premiere Rush Workflow — Shooting

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 20, 2019 Aug 20, 2019

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In Premiere Rush, you can shoot with almost any camera, even your phone!In Premiere Rush, you can shoot with almost any camera, even your phone!You need to shoot video footage in order to tell your story. Most people use either their mobile phone or a portable video camera to shoot the footage. Either one is just fine for shooting footage, though the latter may allow for higher quality. That said, mobile phone cameras are getting much more powerful these days, especially when stabilized with a tripod, gimble, or the like. Some action cams, like GoPro, have impressive stabilization capabilities built-in to the camera, and stabilization is not even needed!

Here is an overview of your choices when choosing either a camcorder or the camera in your phone.

Rush Mobile Workflow I.png




  • You can shoot with any modern camera
    • Cinema camera
    • Standard camcorder
    • DSLR
    • Micro 4/3 AKA "mirrorless" camera
    • "Point and Shoot" camera
  • You can shoot with the camera in your phone
    • iOS
    • Android

Tip: The newer and more powerful your phone is, the better performance you'll have when shooting with Premiere Rush or any other mobile camera app.



  • Taking stock of your gear is a good first step in preparing for your shoot.
  • Check the overall condition of the camera or phone you're going to use.
  • Locate the settings and become familiar with the controls.


Whether you're using a phone or a camera, the next step is to engage the proper settings. Let's now look at those choices and make some decisions based on the needs of the shoot.


Any questions? Create a post below.

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