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Project failed to export and unlinked videos and deleted voiceovers

New Here ,
Aug 29, 2020 Aug 29, 2020

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Hi All,


I'm in real trouble with a project I was supposed to post yesterday.


As I was going to export the project, I received an error saying "Abode Premiere Rush cannot export this project" so I tried 3 more times and got the same error.


I then closed the app and tried again, I got the error twice but the third time it looked like it was working, but after several hours it was still at 0%. 


I then looked online and saw that other people who had issues exporting tried to export it on desktop. I pulled the project up on Desktop but now media was unlinked.


I called Adobe Support and after 4 hours on the phone with 2 agents, it looks most (possibly all) of the photos and videos are still on my iPad but all of the voiceovers are missing from Adobe Creative Cloud. This is hundreds of dollars of voiceover work as this was a signifigant project (last time im using Rush for a big project, or any project honestly). We were also able to recreate this issue with another project when I opened it on Desktop it unlinked a bunch of files (Seemingly randomly) and deleted the voiceovers from Adobe cloud (the only place theyre saved when you do a voiceover directly into Rush).


They said that the soonest they can get a senior technical support person to contact me is Monday, but that will make the project very late. Has anyone had this experience (particularly with voiceovers being deleted)?


Also if you're thinking of trying Rush for any professinal or large project, DO NOT DO IT. You could lose all of your voiceover files at any time, or have hundreds of other files unlinked. It is extremely hard to relink them espcially if you're working on iPad as it only tells you the file name, but then doesn't show the file name when relinking, it shows the video/photo preview instead. 


This has cost me 20+ hours of work, with literally no fault of my own (other than using Rush) as you cannot manually save your work from Rush its supposed to be saved to the cloud!

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