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SLog3 Footage interpret colors wrong in premiere? Creating bad proxies!

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Dec 06, 2021 Dec 06, 2021

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Probably already a post here, I've searched but not found one. 


When importing new Slog3 footage from F3, FX9 etc, Adobe somehow applies a LUT to the clips, so they are not treated as flat log clips in the source window. This can be corrected by going into interpret footage -> override color -> setting it to rec.702. 


BUT, this also means that when opening older prosjects all the colors are wrong, and we have to go through each clip and interpret them to fix the issue. 


Proxies: there's also the issue now, that when making proxies, we can't seem to get around the issue that Adobe renders the proxies with the LUT somehow burned in, or is intepreting them wrong (We can't select the proxy clips to adjust how premiere interprets them). Even if we correct the original footage in interpret footage dialogues. Flipping back and forth between proxies makes it clear that the proxies have been adjusted somehow or intepreted in a different way. So editing with proxies is for us at least like editing very oversaturated overcontrast images ;( 


Anyone know ho to turn off this new automatic color interpretation? 




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