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Jan 18, 2021 Jan 18, 2021

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I realize that this program is intended to be a quick editing version of Premiere but there he been some features this program is severely lacking and development releases for big changes seems like far and few between when compared to some other programs at Adobe.


  1. Cut Copy Paste... why can I not move a clip from sequence to sequence within. Project or projects?  This is like basic computing 101 for decades yet you can’t move simple assets around outside the timeline?
  2. Nest sequences - I don’t think this is a very cpu intensive feature... but I could be wrong. The ability to work on a small segment of a sequence and then embed it within another goes a LONG way toward productivity and being able to focus on a segment of a project/
  3. Subclips? - it would be nice to be able to trim and save media. Cut in the timeline and drag back to the bin... or
  4. create a new folder in a bin and store those in there?


I really want to live this program and even bought a new iPad to allow me to do this type of work only to be stumped on the first project that it can’t do what I need. Sure I can transfer to my desktop and assemble the pieces I worked on, but these things aren’t THAT complex, I don’t think.


It feels like when the app launched it was positioned for Youtuber. Now it feels like it’s mostly focused toward social media stories. Shorter content. Certainly it seems like it’s missing some basic production stuff that would be helpful for someone making longer episodes on YouTube.


If I’m wrong and someone has a link to a solid workflow plan I’d love to hear it.

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