Faster than 1000% max speed making timelapse clips

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Sep 30, 2020 Sep 30, 2020

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I have a fetaure request regarding timelapse and clip speed options. I would like to be able to adjust my clips well above the current 1000% upper limit.


I am creating videos where I need to convert long video recordings down to short timelapse clips within my larger video projects. The particluar tasks that I'm working on can take hours, and I would like them to be condensed down to relatively short timelapse clips.

The current upper limit of 1000% speed (10X speed) just isn't fast enough to make the clips as short as I would like. Even the built in Microsoft video editor in Windows 10 supports 64X speed capability for clips. If I want faster timelapse clips, I have to edit them multiple times to get them sped up fast enough, which is inefficient and time consuming. For example, a 3 hour video clip at 1000% speed still ends up being 18 minutes long. At 64X speed (6400%) it would only be 2 min 49 seconds long, which fits much better as a clip within a project video. 


I would like to see the ability to go to at least 6400% (64X) or more for max clip speed. Usability wise, this may create issues to have that much range on a single slider as you may loose precision to adjust to a particulare speed when you don't need to go that that max speed. One option to overcome it would be to have a specific timelapse functionality that gives you a separate slider, menu box, or control option to differentiate between fine tuning speed adjustments, and high speed timelapse speeds.

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