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May 20, 2020 May 20, 2020

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Just a feature request for Rush... please can we get XML project export.

I currently do not use Rush very often although I would like to use it more. My primary issue up until recently has been the cumbersome process of importing footage in iOS. That has now been fixed in the latest version so very much appreciated. I do believe it is the most professional of the iOS editing options and I like the way it works.


My proposed workflow going forward will be: Shoot, capture clips direct into Rush, edit and deliver online. All good so far. Now say a client wants more advanced graphics or titling... beyond what Rush can offer me. My main edit software is FCPX. I have no way to get my project from Rush to anywhere else besides Premiere Pro, which I do not own. All I need is a basic XML (if necessary leaving out titles, effects and even transitions... I can always recreate those) that I can export from the Mac version of Rush. Just so all my time spent on the project is not wasted. Seems a bit overkill to have to get a Premiere Pro subscription just to do an XML export. If I need to send a project to a third party to continue with, I am going to be expected to supply an XML.


Another worry I have with my proposed workflow is, what do I do about archiving old projects? I have a 1Tb Creative Cloud drive but once that fills up, I am not sure how to archive and delete the projects. I could download them to my Mac but it's a bit of an inelegant solution. An XML export would give me a way to save those projects too.




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