Gave up on this app.

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Dec 29, 2020 Dec 29, 2020

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Sorry to say but I have given up on this app. 
I took the 3 day trial and encountered these issues using the app on my iPad Pro. 


- unable to import files from a card. Attached my card reader to the iPad. Went to the files in Rush.  Would not let me select more than one file at a time. 
- transferred the files to my iPad. Still same issue. Unable to import more that one file..

- imported the files into photos app, then able to import more than 1 file at a time! 

-  video editing was pretty straight forward. Seems to work fine.  

- unable to import photos from photos app. Got error message about unsupported file type, my images were jpg files output by Adobe Lightroom app! 
- app crashed multiple times during editing process. Thankfully when once restarted  edits did not appear to be lost, but still a pain.  

All  told too many glitches for my liking.
I used iPad iMovie app. Everything worked right off the bat outputting a nice 4 minute 4K Video all created from start to finish in less than 15 minutes with not a single glitch.  

It is a pity as I am using Adobe Lightroom and photoshop CC on my iPad.  These apps are tremendous. It would have been nice to use the Adobe ecosystem for iPad video edits but things are just not stable enough. 

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