How to import videos on my Pixel 2

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Mar 26, 2021 Mar 26, 2021

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Google appears to save photos and videos taken with its camera app to a folder whish Rush does not recognize. When I try to import media, it sees no photos or videos in the default locations. It allows me to browse, but only to folders other 3rd party apps have created.

Since Rush is labeled as compatible with Pixel 2, I would assume it would look first in Google's default folder for phtos and videoas, but not only does this not seem to be the case, but Rush does not allow me to browse freely, but only to a limited number of folders.

Anyone solve this issue? The only work-around I have come up with is to DL photos and videos from Google Photos onto my laptop, then open them in Rush there. But this does me no good if I am on my phone.

I guess th eonly other thing to do would be to open Rush and add them directly? But there's a basic compatibilty here that seems to have ben oddly overlooked. Or I am missing something very obvious!

Many thanks!

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