iPad Video Missing 5-10 Seconds After Importing

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May 28, 2021 May 28, 2021

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1. Using Procreate, I create a full length time lapse of my illustration (anywhere between 7-15 minutes).

2. I export the video to my Photos app on my iPad (.mp4 by default).

3. I watch the video, from start to finish, in my Photos app to verify video is not corrupt or missing frames.

4. I import it to Premiere Rush, on my iPad, as a new project (default settings... I don't touch anything).

5. I use the "speed" feature to squish my video down to approximately 1.00 minute.

6. I play the video before exporting... and there is always 5-10 seconds of frames missing at the end.

7. I google how to fix 🙂


Can someone please help me figure this out??? I have tried googling everywhere to find a solution, but I just can't find one. I swear that all I'm doing is messing with the "range speed" nothing else! I have tried putting the .mp4 file on my google drive and opening it on my PC and the video is 100% complete. I have no idea what the problem is, but I really want to avoid having to use my potatoe PC for such a simple edit everytime I want to upload a 60 second timelapse to Instragram 😞


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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