Multiple bugs including failed exports and same project exports appearing different from iOS and PC

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Oct 17, 2019 Oct 17, 2019

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I've been using Premiere Rush for about a day (I'm a paying customer), and have already found multiple bugs and problems in what seems to be a poorly tested product. Here are the issues I've found so far:

1) I've created 3 projects on my iPhone X running the latest iOS. I synced these via CC to my Windows 10 PC and two of the videos appear different. To be clear - the three projects have synced. I can see the component videos they are made from. But several of the video clips appear to be starting from the wrong point in my edit, obviously completely ruining the video. So exporting from my PC and from my iPhone produced a *different result*. The whole point of this product is the syncing between devices, but it seems to be completely flawed.

2) Exporting videos on my iPhone is very hit and miss. Sometimes the completion bar stops and it never finishes. Sometimes I get an error message "Unable to render successfully". Sometimes it works! One project I have created seems impossible to export.

3) I can't save styles for text overlays on iOS. It produces the error message: "Failed to get default CC Library ID".


I make extensive use of slow motion videos - I wonder if this is the source of the problem, as Premiere Rush seems not to recognise this characteristic of iOS videos in any useful way? In particular, how are you supposed to accurately play a slowmo video at the correct frame rate (without dropping frames) by using a speed characteristic that uses a 1 to 100 scale. For example, if I import a 240fps video and want to play it at 30fps (ie. full slow motion) what speed setting do I use? 12 or 13? Obviously it needs to be 12.5...


I was exporting a polished product from Adobe, but having only just got started I'm already discovering that this appears to be poorly tested and very buggy. I'm regretting paying money for this as it doesn't do what was promised. Is there anything you can do to rectify the problems?


By the way, I see that some responses on this forum are to phone support in the US. That option is not available to me as I'm in the UK. Thanks










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